Nothing phone (1): Everything we know so far


Nothing has announced that it has ambitions to launch a smartphone during its event on March 23, 2022. We call it an event. It was more of a monologue by Carl Pei – the founder of Nothing – describing how technology has stagnated, and it's time for a change.

The second Nothing product will be the Nothing phone (1), and here is everything we know about it.

Date of issue and price

  • Announced on July 12
  • Recommended sale on July 21

Phone Nothing (1) will be announced at an event on Tuesday, July 12, called Return to Instinct. Nothing promised that all details about the device would be confirmed by that date.

Rumors indicated that the launch date would be Thursday, July 21, 2022, and this may be the time when the phone actually goes on sale. There is no word about pre-orders, but they are likely to open immediately after the announcement. We also speculate that Nothing could use a waiting system similar to the first OnePlus phones.

We also have some information about the sellers. Nothing has confirmed that it will sell the phone through O2, Telekom Deutschland, and Flipkart – these are the exclusive network resellers for the United Kingdom, Germany, and India.

Flipkart has introduced a device with model number A063, which is considered a Nothing telephone (1), as well as BIS India – the Indian Standards Agency and the NBTC.

Design and build

  • Translucent design
  • Visible charging coil

Little has been shared about the phone's design, but it started in the picture above. Many drew a frame around it and suggested that it was the back of the phone – just as we did above. This would indicate the camera at the top left and the wireless charging coil at the back. With Nothing's ear (1) having a translucent surface, there is a suggestion that this could be the line Nothing has taken.

This seems to have been confirmed, thanks to the fact that Nothing has begun to accumulate with predictable media interviews. This includes a piece of Wallpaper that doesn't reveal much but suggests that the phone's set-up had to be redesigned to accommodate the look Nothing wants due to the translucent back panel.

Hardware specifications

  • Snapdragon 7 Gen 1?
  • Wireless charging
  • 6.55-inch OLED display

We know very little about the actual hardware specifications of the phone. Nothing has announced that this is a partnership with Qualcomm, and we know it will give the heart of the Nothing phone (1).

It is impossible to say what Snapdragon SoC he could use. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 would be considered a flagship device, but it would also be expensive. With an emphasis on efficiency and experience, it could move one step lower to Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 and still provide a premium experience – but potential customers may not accept anything other than flagship hardware.

Nothing was mentioned about wireless charging when we talked about the design – so we know it will be included – while other rumors have provided some details about the display. It is said that with the Nothing Phone, there will be a 45W charger.

The Nothing (1) phone should come with a 6.55-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. The flat display has a central punch hole and minimum frame messages.


  • Android
  • Nothing OS

In terms of software, we know a little more. We know it will be an Android phone, and we know it will not duplicate Google applications, indicating that it will be relatively close to the warehouse.

But we know that the Nothing OS will run, and you can try it out thanks to the Android launcher that Nothing has made available.

In addition, Nothing has broad ambitions for what it wants to achieve, and it talks more about the ecosystem than anything else – so it is likely that this is where Nothing wants to be different and offers a smoother experience of interacting with other devices.