Apple iPhone 14: here’s everything we know so far


An all-new display, a faster chip, a completely singular new design, and the biggest upgrade to the camera.

Introducing iPhone 14.

It has a sleek flat edge design that people love. It’s also incredibly durable, with our exclusive ceramic shield front tougher than any smartphone glass. And it has industry-leading ip68 water resistance. It has a new look for the advanced dual-camera system.
The aluminum frame is beautifully formed with lenses arranged horizontally.

iPhone 14 Colors.

It shows off five new colors, rose gold, fresh mint, silver midnight, and product red.

iPhone 14 front.

The true depth camera has been re-engineered, and everything inside, including face id, fits into a pill-shaped space.

What screen size for iPhone 14?

If four models are expected, Apple’s offering will be very clear regarding the screen on serial mobiles. The iPhone 14 and 14 Pro would have a 6.1-inch panel, and the iPhone 14 Max and 14 Pro Max would have a 6.7-inch diagonal screen.


Touch ID.

Touch id is back with the fingerprint sensor placed inside the power button featuring a super retina xdr display with thinner bezels and a promotion display with a refresh rate up to 120 hertz.

iPhone 14 Cameras.

A huge upgrade on the cameras, to create the most advanced dual-camera system. a new ultra-wide camera that will reveal more dark areas with less noise. A new y camera captures more light and has a wide f 1.5 aperture.

Let’s talk about performance.

iPhone 14 now features. a USB type-c port, a faster charging with 25 watts, and a much bigger battery for incredible all-day battery life. iPhone 14 will last three hours longer than iPhone 13. all this is powered by a16 bionic fastest chip in a smartphone. iPhone 14 is loaded with new technologies and features, including touch id, a16 bionic new cameras, and much more.

iPhone 14: what autonomy?

Autonomy has long been the big black spot for the iPhone. But through software optimization and integration of higher capacity batteries, Apple has significantly improved its phones’ endurance in the latest versions. So much so that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is considered a champion of autonomy in the mobile market today.

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iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max can also be expected to have perfect autonomy. Their size means that they can be equipped with larger accumulators. The more compact models, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro should last less but still offer good battery life, similar to that of iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, or even better if the 4nm engraving of the A16 Bionic allows reduced energy consumption.

When will iPhone 14 be released?


Except in exceptional circumstances (such as the pandemic for iPhone 12 2020), Apple still respects the same schedule with a presentation of its new iPhones at the beginning of the school year, during September. Pre-orders are open immediately, and the units are available on the market a week later.

Will there be an iPhone 14 Mini?

According to initial information, Apple would not plan the iPhone 14 mini. The iPhone 12 mini is considered a Cupertino commercial failure that launched the iPhone 13 mini because the development was already well advanced. Compact format lovers should look at the series if they were maintained.